A special cause in Samos island , Greece

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck on Friday, October 30, 2020, about 14 km (8.7 mi) northeast of the Greek island of Samos. Many buildings were damaged or collapsed as a result of the earthquake, with the Church of the Virgin Mary in Karlovasi, Greece, partially collapsed.

The earthquake is the deadliest of 2020 so far. At least 110 people are known to have died in Turkey, with 1,027 more injured. In Greece, there were an additional two fatalities and nineteen minor injuries.

A huge earthquake in samos

The earthquake occurred as a result of normal faulting at a shallow crustal depth within the Eurasian Plate in the eastern Aegean Sea, about 250 km north of the closest main plate boundary, where the African Plate moves to the north at a rate of approximately 10 mm per year with respect to the Eurasian.[6] Therefore, this earthquake is considered an intraplate earthquake due to its location. Following the earthquake, Turkey was affected by hundreds of aftershocks.[7] The magnitude of the earthquake was frequently misreported as 6.6 Mww in the Turkish media, due to an erroneous announcement by AFAD.[8][9]

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